Product / Service Categories

Client List


Arc’Teryx Equipment

  • Vancouver, BC
    • Gloves, Packs, and Technical Apparel
    • Product Design and development


Simms Fishing Products

  • Bozeman, Montana
    • Outwear Apparel, Fishing Waders, Gloves, Luggage, Footwear, Fishing Accessories
    • Prodcut Design and Development

Oakley, Inc.

Foothill Ranch, CA. USA

Techical Outwear Design and Construction training.

Materials selection, Design engineering process training

Wells Lamont

Chicago, Illinois

  • Outdoor Sports-influenced gloves design and development
  • Outdoor Sports- influenced tool bags, belts, and harnesses



Keen Footwear

  • Luggage/ Backpack design, development, and engineering


Red Ants Pants

  • White Sulphur Springs, MT
    • Business Consultant


BlackHawk Products Group

  • Gloves, Packs, Apparel Design , Development and Engineering
  • Internal Tourniquet System (co-Inventor, Patented Life-Saving Device)


Propper International

  • Design and Development and engineering/ Law-Enforcement Outwear program


GFT Technologies

  • Women’s footwear comfort technology engineering and development


Absolute Closure Innovations

  • Waterproof closure innovation/technology
    • Application and Product-integration engineering



- Products application engineering training



W.L. Gore and Associates

- Materials and Products application and engineering


Genre & Mode

  • Product Design and engineering for women’s fashion accessories for the diabetic community


The Natural Baby Company

  • Product design, development, and engineering for infant care products.
  • Business consultant.


Foster Miller

  • SBIR sub contractor. Wearables technology product integration. Prototype manufacturing.


Chapman Innovations

  • Product design, development, and manufacturing engineering for FR Base-layer program.


Propel LLC

  • SBIR subcontractor
  • Materials and assembly engineering consultant
  • Technical Outerwear Design and engineering


Verde Goods LLC

  • Cycling apparel start-up
  • Product design, development


Sitka, Inc.

  • Hunting apparel and accessories
  • Product design, development, manufacturing engineering


Patagonia, Inc.

  • Outdoor technical sports and lifestyle apparel and accessories
  • Product Design and Development
  • Materials research and development
  • Innovation research and engineering
  • Prototype development


Autopilot, Inc.

  • Technical apparel related engineering consulting


Edmonds Outdoor/ Gunner Kennels

- Adaptable pet kennel covers






Noteworthy projects:


Gamow Bag/ 1st working prototypes developed with Igor Gamow


Avalung/ developed in partnership w Black Diamond Equipment


ITS (Integrated Tourniquet System)/ developed in partnership w BLACKHAWK!